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My Fellow Missoulians


As I stand before you, I do so with a deep sense of humility and appreciation for the trust you have put in me by considering me as your choice for mayor. First and foremost, I want to assure you that my intention is to serve you in the best way possible. I want to make sure that our town thrives, survives and continues to be the highly desirable and friendly place that it is and make it as safe as possible. Over the years, our town has been governed by different political ideologies and political parties, often leading to division and gridlock among citizens and officials. I am sick of the division in politics. Regardless of your political affiliation, I know that we all share a common desire: to have a town that is well managed, where we can all thrive, where we can all come together, and where we can all have a say in shaping our future.

That is why I am proud to run as a true Independent candidate. I do not have any political affiliations or interests, and my only agenda is to work towards the betterment of our community without bias. This approach will let me work collaboratively with all individuals, factions, and groups in our town, ensuring that their voices are heard and that they are addressed, irrespective of their political beliefs. Moreover, being an independent candidate means that I am not limited by ideologies or narrow perceptions of change. I will focus on developing effective and practical solutions that address the issues we face as a community, such as creating employment opportunities, working towards a cleaner environment, promoting safety, and providing affordable housing.

As your mayor, I will be committed to building consensus, transparency, and accountability. I believe that every Missoulian has a right and obligation to know how their government is working on their behalf, and I will ensure that all policies and decisions are made with an open mindset and are based on facts, data, and input from Missoulians. I am also committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality in our town. We all come from different backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures, but we are all human beings and can stand together to build a stronger community. We need to ensure that everyone has equal access to resources, opportunities and services. I want to guarantee that everyone's voice is heard regardless of race, religious beliefs, gender, or any other defining characteristic.

I want to urge all of you to actively participate in shaping our city’s future. Our town faces numerous challenges, but we are also presented with great opportunities. I believe in the power of civic engagement, influencing the course of our town and shaping our collective destiny. I know many Missoulians feel that their vote doesn’t matter. As your mayor, I will be accessible, approachable, and highly responsive to your concerns.

In closing, I want to reiterate that I am here to work for the common good of our town, to be the mayor that every Missoulian can feel confident in trusting. Let us come together to build a better home for ourselves and our future generations. I might be an idealist but I love Missoula! I am proud to be a Missoulian, I want our children and grandchildren to be as proud as I am. To achieve this, we need our voices to be heard. Please consider voting for me, Shawn Knopp, The Peoples Candidate for Mayor.

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